What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?

All patients seen at Webley Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center, will be provided the answer to the three most important patient questions. 

1. What is wrong with me? 

2. Can you help me? 

3. How long will it take? 

Your initial visit begins with a thorough patient and case history.  This provides the doctor with important information regarding the cause and extent of your problem as well as other factors that may complicate the recovery process.  This is followed by a  comprehensive orthopedic and neurological exam to fully identify the specific tissues involved and extent of the problem.  X-rays are performed only when necessary, and based on the American College of Radiology Guidelines.  With this information, Dr. Webley will provide you with his diagnosis and treatment plan.  If he feels that your condition is outside of his scope of practice, he will facilitate a referral to the appropriate specialist.  Typically, (but not always) treatment is started on this initial visit in an effort to provide our patients with some degree of pain/symptom relief.   Dr. Webley will also provide several therapeutic recommendations that can be done at home to help speed up the recovery process.